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PSYCHOLOGY MANAGEMENT in trading- 2 1. Don't follow tips or suggestions of anyone blindly. You should have a minimum knowledge to judge whether the provided tips are right or wrong. 2. Trade only high probability setups / trades. Don’t simply do buying and selling without having a proper trade setup...


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PSYCHOLOGY MANAGEMENT IN TRADING-1 Do you know, 90% of traders (usually beginners & retailers) lose money in stock market, they don’t know Successful traders are not successful because of any Holy Grail strategy or any secret indicator. They are successful because of their right mind set. Psycholog...

10 Ways to Earn Money from Stock Market

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10 Ways to earn money from stock market Dear Friends, you all may know about Stock market. But some people don't know in details about Stock Market. Most of the people say that stock market is a gambling. But in real it's not true. In fact, in stock market with proper knowledge, Technical, Analysis ...

What is Stock Market

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WHAT IS STOCK MARKET / SHARE MARKET ? In general most of the people speak that share/stock market is Gambling, Is it right? If you express your wish with anybody that you would like to start trading and want to build a career in share market, you’ll be receiving negative suggestions most of the time...

Sudama free course

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Sudama free Stock Market Course Best free stock market course. A to Z basic Knowledge of stock market enroll now You will Get in this course- All the basic on market that you need to follow in trading like. -Basics of stock market (3 Session) -Best Website for trading (3 Session) -Psychology Managem...
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